Monday, May 04, 2009


So I finally watched this Bill Maher documentary about religion, and it got me thinking. No, there's nothing earth shattering that they "reveal" in it, it's just pure entertainment.

The thing that it got me thinking about is the replication of the Horus story (from egyptian lore) with new names as the foundation for christianity. A couple people that I talked to had never heard about that, so here's a summary: Jesus' story is the same as Horus'. Horus' came first (by a long long time). Some characters even have the same names.

So anyhow, in this documentary Bill finds a bunch of people who are affiliated in kinda powerful positions in various churches, and asks them about this stuff. Nobody offered any sort of rebuttal. "So isn't it weird that the Jesus story is the same as the Horus story?" "Who is Horus." It ended up making the religious people look ignorant and nothing more. This could very well be true, as many people believe without really knowing what it is that they believe in aside from a high level concept like "good" or "evil."

Anyhow, I would have liked to see a legit answer to this question. Maybe:

"Gee, that's a hell of a coincidence."

"It's a cycle, and ours began anew with Jesus right around the time when Egypt faced their own apocalypse."

"That's just a big lie like those dinosaur bones that God put there to throw us off and make them look really old."

Any sort of answer would have been better than the ignorance expressed. What I was left with was looking at a train wreck but seeing nothing that shows why the wreck occurred or any data about the wreck itself.

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