Sunday, May 17, 2009

Korea Update

Back to Korea for work. Staying in a new place this time instead of one of the 2 places I already knew. Took some notes on my iPhone (using airplane mode all the time just so I have a pip-boy) while I was exploring and trying to figure out the best way to get where I need to go tomorrow.

Do not get off the train at Yongsan Station unless you want Electronics or a prostitute. I figured that it should be relatively close to where I need to be (the military base) and was the closest stop on my line. I was confronted with a street of hookers behind glass doors. I'll say that they had better bodies than typical koreans, but I'd rate them a poo out of 10.

A lot of people wanted to talk to me today, apparently. Talking "at" me is more like it, but that's OK. Probably 15 people made comments to me at various times, and 3 people said that I was very beautiful. Their word. I don't think that they know other words for "good looking," since one of the 3 was an old man (2 others were typical girls - no they were not prostitutes). This was 3 distinct encounters on different subways. Every person commented on my height, and maybe 8 commented on my build (wide shoulders).

I would not stay at this hotel again. The room is fine, but for some reason my throat keeps randomly getting itchy so I think there's something in the air. This is a fairly industrial area. I'd actually stay closer to Seoul Station next time since that's kind of like a hub and not super far from anything that I give a crap about seeing.

Anyhow, go Korea. For some reason I'm not liking this place as much as I did the last 2 times I was here. I don't know if it's just the area I'm in, or if I'm finally sick of it. People get sick of everything, and I think I'm probably sick of Korea. It's tiring to have to spend a while walking around to find a restaurant with nice pictures up of the food so I can point to what I want to eat. I should try Outback. I wonder how similar it is to the same place in the US? All of these korean barbecue places are the same, and I can't try random stuff since peanuts are in a lot of stuff.

OK time to get a little work done and then get to bed. I'm tired. I think I walked about 12 miles today (seriously). My dogs are barking, and if they had a place here that sold comfortable walking shoes in my size I would buy them. I think my driving shoes are dead. They did their job for a few years, but now they just hurt. It's almost worse than walking barefoot. Their replacements are too dressy (and uncomfortable) to use for daily wear. I ordered some shoes online, but I won't get them for another few weeks (when I make it back to Vegas).

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