Saturday, July 19, 2008

Forget about my IP, look at my locality

I'm sick of going to websites like YouTube, Google, and so on and getting everything spit back at me in Korean. I'm sorry that I don't stay in the same place all the time, but my browser does this great thing by telling you that I speak English as it's spoken in the US.

Stop spitting foreign (to me) languages at me when I access your service from my own computer from the other side of the world. Please.

Whoever thought that this behavior was a good one is an imbecile, and should be fired immediately.

At least Google is kind enough to leave my stuff in English when I hit up iGoogle and search from there, but YouTube ignores the fact that I'm logged in with the same account that it usually spits English at and instead gives me undecipherable pages.

I knew that hiring 10k people in a year was retarded for a company that needs far fewer to do what it does (here's looking at you, Google), and I know that a lot of super sub-par people were hired instead of more capable ones, but jesus fucking christ. Don't be so stupid about this sort of thing.

Feel free to explain to me why I'm wrong and stupid. I'm all ears.

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