Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ben Hur and Korea

So on the plane ride over here I watched Ben Hur (as part of a quest many of us undertook to watch every Best Picture). My quick review is that it's a less entertaining Gladiator with Jesus overtones. It's like the Gladiator writers saw it, removed the Jesus stuff, improved the dialogue, and upped the action. Just watch Gladiator if you need to only see one. Its message is better as well, being about redemption and living your life instead of redemption and looking to a random dude for your morals and cure to leprosy.

Now that I'm here, I see that it rains a lot. It hasn't stopped since I touched down, and it's been almost 24 hours. I took some pictures and will be updating that album. The highlights have been finding my favorite cookies again and figuring out the subway. I took a couple shots of a Lotus dealership for the antecedent of the Best Picture quest as well.

This time over here I'm staying in Kang Nam, which is better than Itaewon (place I stayed last time). It's cleaner, and the people are generally better looking (both men and women). I'm apparently close to this underground mall called COEX, but have not yet found it. Before I leave I will do my best to make it there.

If anyone needs anything from Korea, now would be a good time to issue your request.

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just a girl.. said...

ooooooh, thank you!
That's a nice looking little dealership. :) Good luck with the picture quest, I am going to try and wrap it up in the next couple of months, but I am going to have to buy a few that I can't find. You can borrow those if you like after I am done.