Monday, June 23, 2008

Texas Alarm Information

So I'm at a hotel in Texas, and came across a sign that I can't really understand. I think the answer is that it was written by a moron to be useful to what he'd consider a moron.

Here is the evidence:
Texas Alarm Info

You may stop when you see the "whoop whoop" and think that it's funny that they tried to describe a sound. Look closer.

The sign-creator thinks that he is dealing with someone too stupid to know what 'strobe' means (flashing light), someone who can't figure out that a loud-ass repeating noise means 'get the fuck out,' and someone who can't figure out how to call 911 on their own.

Isn't this wonder of evolution going to have a hard time finding the open paren, close paren, and dash buttons on the phone when they see (9) 9-1-1?

Furthermore, the maker thinks that this same mensa candidate is going to be able to figure cardinal directions from inside a closed building when he puts (East) in quotes up top on the map.

This makes no sense at all. It's up there with when I saw a sign in text with no braille that said "a braille copy of this sign is available in the hotel office."


Guy Montag said...

I assume the (9) in the (9) 9-1-1 indicates dialing 9 for an outside line on the hotel telephone, not all people may remember that such a thing is necessary in an emergency.

Duke said...

Yeah, it does, but I'd think that 9911 would be easier for a completely ignorant person to follow.

Sucker said...

9911 makes a lot of sense