Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Morning and guns

I was watching CBS News Sunday Morning today because I like that "nature" thing at the end. I was pretty disappointed that the broadcasting got screwed up and I didn't get a chance to see the 30 seconds of television that I had tuned in to see. As an aside, if anyone knows of an archive where I can find all of the old nature clips please let me know.

So I opened up their web site looking for nature clips, and found a discussion thread regarding a certain "gun law" opinion piece that they did air.

A woman was claiming that she felt too empowered while wearing a fake gun for a movie role, showed some ambulances, and was talking about how great it would be to ban guns. She ended by kind of admitting that banning them is impossible, but chose to extend the notion that charging $5k per bullet would do the job.

The comments seemed to be from gun toting NRA members who were previously screaming "dare tekkin' er jerbs" in regard to illegal immigration - functionally retarded people who exhibit precisely as much insight as the author of the opinion piece herself.

I actually made an account to post a reply to it, and was confronted with:

The Publish button will be enabled shortly. We have temporarily disabled it so everyone has an opportunity to comment.

If you're going to turn off a thread because it's 5 pages of people bashing the intellectual acumen of an author, at least be honest about it. I have no problem with that in principle, but FUCK YOU CBS for lying.

Here is what I had composed, and tried to submit to their site.

Excellent FUD campaign!

You, yourself, shouldn't have a gun. That's the single thing shown by your video and introspective glance at your own ability to be anything but emotionally driven.

A gun, like a pencil or a screwdriver, is a tool. Banning tools is an unwinnable strategy, as they will merely be replaced by others. Even if it were a really great thing that nobody anywhere had a gun, it's something that cannot be enforced in the long term. I'd suggest looking for ideas that can win out over time.

You cannot change human nature with a law, or with a tool. At best you can do it with education and honest scientific exploration. Knowledge is far more powerful than any gun. For proof I advance that guns are a mere byproduct of knowledge and ideas. Guns are really great when defending against an army wielding nothing but knives and arrows, and it's pretty much why the US exists as it does today.

To be fair, I'm just posting because I'm pissed off that the end of the show deteriorated into a replay of the Potato Chip thing and I didn't get to see the nature thing I love at the very end. That is the only thing that I watch Sunday Morning for, and it would be nice if there were an archive of those available somewhere.

No, I didn't care enough about your ignorant opinion to seek out this thread, but since I happened to be here I figured that I'd take 3 minutes and offer a little insight.

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Unknown said...

It sounds like banning tools was what they were trying to do by disabling your publish button. Zing!!