Thursday, May 22, 2008

What the Government does not want you to know

The United States Navy is currently in the process of digging a hole under North Korea so that they can invade them with submarines, which nobody would expect.

They're doing it by digging and compressing dirt in the process.   They are moving as much as possible into the Mariana Trench, but there would still be the issue that the water going into the under-construction tunnel and lowering sea levels noticeably.

To cover this up, they're helping out global warming by encouraging the Chinese to burn more and more oil, which helps melt the polar ice caps and gets the sea level to rise more than it would otherwise be sinking. But not enough!

The following graphs were carefully constructed from data taken from the NFDSK on climate change, conducted on February 30th 2008.

NFSDK Report

And following is an artists rendering of the tunnel, code name "Han Hole"

North Korean Tunnel Plot
If I go missing, then you know that this is true.

UPDATE:  The NFSDK is such an ultra-secret organization that they had their entry removed from acronym finder.  Go search for it.  It's gone.


Anonymous said...

Sir: We respect the First Amendment rights of the American citizens we have a duty to protect. However, we politely ask that you remove this sensitive discussion relating to national security from your blog. Thank you for your compliance.

Anonymous said...

but they never said it wasnt true um im confused

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised to say the least. Shhhh, it's a secret. Well, now we know where are government chooses to spend it's money...dispite what our nation really needs.

Anonymous said...

When ice melts in a glass of soda, the level of fluid in said glass goes down. Try it for yourself, Global warming is a hoax. The North Koreans have their own tunnels that go into South Korea, the SK government gives tours daily. They beat us to it! Sorry. What the Government does not want you to know it that, if the DPRK would fall they would be to big of a burden for the SK's to take on. So they let them do/have what they want.I spent a year @ Camp Casey S. Korea (about 6 miles from border)as far as I care they could carpet bomb the whole penninsula and pave it!