Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The world's first recorded sounds, and some delusions

I found this link in a slashdot comment, so figured that I'd get it 9 or 10 more views over here.  It's pretty amazing, as the original recorders didn't realize that they could ever be played back, though they figured they were doing something.

In other news I'm listening to an audiobook of "The God Delusion."  I am convinced that Richard Dawkins has been spying on me and is now presenting my arguments as his own.  Though I could see someone forming the same sort of case against religion (as I did, and as it seems he copied from my mind), the specifics of his probability argument are excellent copies of my own on a few occasions.  Also, his incredulity that people regularly see evidence against their ideas as evidence for them instead is the same as mine, though I suppose I don't know if he has the same wide-eyed stare as I do when confronted with it.

He mentioned the truth behind atheists not teaming up with each other to have any sort of political voice, and made a good point that it has to do with atheists generally having their own paths of reasoning to their ideas.  If they (I guess, we) are to ever be discriminated against less than homosexuals and minorities, they will need to take a step back and somehow unite based on the fundamental principles that they do share.

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