Saturday, June 16, 2007

Delta needs some Deltas

So today I’m flying from Vegas to South Carolina for a project, and a few things already happened. Firstly, I forgot my headphones and mp3 player. This wouldn’t normally be a big deal, but when I’m looking at about 18 hours of travel in the next week without anything to put me to sleep or drown out the annoying stewardesses, I’m not thrilled.

The next item on the agenda was nearly missing my flight. I showed up to the gate as they were closing the door, but got them to wait for me anyhow. I guess I got lucky, but the story in that lies in my not having had anything to drink all morning. I was planning on a few minutes at the airport to grab some beverages, but had no time to do so.

It was fun waiting in a 300 person line at the security gate. While on the phone with someone who may have had to return to pick me up if I missed the flight, I got to make the comment (I talk loud when I’m angry) that “some chick is pushing past everyone. What a douche.” The douche in question seemed to take offense to what I said, and turned red while screaming at me. I made a comment to my phone conversationalist that the “dog was barking” and she got even madder. The thing is, about 40 people were laughing at her because she was obviously being exactly the douche that I called her out for being.

The next issue that I had has to do with not drinking anything. My lips are still cracked from dehydration, as by the time I got some coke from the flight attendants it was too late. The “snacks” were gross, so I guess Continental is the only flight that gives any sort of edible food to its customers. At least Jet Blue bills itself as a discount airline when they provide a laughable snack on cross country flights, but Delta acts as if it’s full service and charges for it. From now on I’m going to check JetBlue and even Southwest before settling for what Expedia throws at me.

At the Atlanta connection I grabbed some Krystal burgers with cheese. I’ve never had them before, but they’re identical (as far as I can tell) to white castles. I should have opened one up to count the holes. The chili-cheese fries were pretty good, and the coke was large. I was happy and full.

And that brings us to right now. I’m finally in the air between Atlanta and Charleston, as we had 2 “teaser” taxis before we were able to successfully lift off. Incredible. It’s a 39 minute flight, and we were delayed from making it for over 2 hours. Apparently, it’s a 5 hour drive (there was a slight argument on the airplane about how far it was away when I asked, and I stopped asking questions before I found myself in the middle of Days of Thunder 2.

All in all, Delta absolutely dropped the ball on 1/2 of my flights today, and if there were some way to change my flights at the end of the week without a stiff penalty (to a different carrier), I would do that. I will never fly Delta again. They’re a second rate airline, and I don’t feel safe on their rotting hardware.

Unless they make some changes, I won't be flying with them again.

I’m happy that I have this tiny computer now. There is no way I’d remember these details without being able to write them in flight.

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