Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another Death Match

I haven't interacted with Sony or Panasonic in a while, so I'll start one between Microsoft and Apple.

Contestant #1:


I recently bought a MacBook, and it is awesome. It's the fastest computer that I've ever had, and since I don't play games I won't be hindered by the video card. Everything works as I would like it to. They got it "right," as you can tell by my other post.

Contestant #2:

Microsoft MS 8000 Bluetooth Presenter Mouse

Since I had the MacBook, and I give a lot of presentations, I wanted to get a bluetooth mouse/presenter. There are apparently a few different options, but Best Buy only had one. This thing. It seemed great, and after some hacking I got it to play nicely with the Mac. The mouse worked fine in OS X and Windows XP (BootCamp).

The problems started when I wanted to give a presentation. I installed the software in windows, and it seemed to work fine, but activating the "presenter" functionality made the mouse worthless. The "forward" and "back" buttons for powerpoint did absolutely nothing for me. Why? Because I run PowerPoint in a Virtual Machine. This thing doesn't just send a "down" or an "up," it apparently sends some other bizarre key combination that I can't modify. I can re-map the normal buttons as I see fit, but the presenter buttons do nothing. I've adopted a way of holding it that allows me to use the laser pointer with my middle finger, and activate the re-mapped side buttons with my thumb. It's terrible, but I had no other option. Also, since I bought it at Best Buy, it is basically impossible to return it without loss after I opened it.

The numbers in that image are pointing out 6 ways that this mouse/presenter thing sucks.

Apple wins.

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