Friday, January 05, 2007

Jet Grind Radio

The Sega Dreamcast was a failure as a product, but was a terrific game system. Among the better games for it were Crazy Taxi (the best port of that in my opinion), Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, and Jet Grind Radio. That last one was a rollerblading game involving dodging cops, pedestrians, and finding places to spray graffiti onto the surfaces of the game.

Anyhow, apparently I've been tagged by Harvey the Rabbit. Nobody would ever know, because he has fewer page views than even myself. For the three of you that saw that I've been called out, well, here are 5 little known facts about me. I might have to do this in stages, as I don't think I know 5 things about myself.

  1. The only game systems that I ever owned were the Colecovision, NES, Genesis, and PS2. My favorite game for one of those systems was Revenge of Shinobi on the Genesis. It's a platformer that lets you fight Batman & Spider-man. There's no way to top that.

  2. I once picked the lock on my own garage door. I ended up being locked out while playing with a friend (we were both about 10 years old). Since I knew it would be hours before my mom got home, I figured that I should pick the lock on the garage door (instead of breaking a window) with my swiss army knife. Anyhow, the dialog went as follows:

    friend: "How about we just ride over to my house?"
    me: "I can do this; I saw it in a movie."
    me: "we're in."
    friend: "holy shit!"

  3. The most push-ups I've ever done at once is 87. Right now I'd be lucky to do 29.

  4. This tagging thing gave me an idea to start a ridiculous internet fad. I'm hoping that digital cameras are mainstream enough now to allow it to catch hold.

  5. I ran a half of a marathon this past weekend, and didn't do so hot. Following are some pieces of advice that I'd like to pass on:

    • You should probably train at least a little bit before trying to traverse 13 miles.

    • Drive the course before you sign up for the race. If you still sign up, you're either an idiot or in pretty ridiculous shape.

    • Endorphins do not exist. I did not feel good at any point during or after the race.

    • I now understand why the first Marathoner died, since he didn't train either. Had I tried to run the full marathon, I would have died too.
Anyhow, I suppose it's time for me to tag someone else, so I'll hit up crestfallen.

All that said, as soon as my legs feel better I'll be ready to serve all y'all.


Dennis said...

Just put a 5th item, say who you're tagging and notify them. It's a hoot.

Dennis said...

Oh, and as far as the dreamcast, you are spot on - it was a kick ass system, and crazy taxi was awesome.

One of my absolute favorites was Soul Caliber.