Monday, October 23, 2006

Time to go to the library

So I now have 2 hard drives for my laptop set up and ready to go. One with Linux (which is what I use for almost everything) and right now I'm on a Windows installation. Some things just can't be done well on Linux (like preparing Word résumés, tinkering with Second Life, using any commercial software you need for whatever reason).

I immediately noticed that the system time was off by several hours, I think 4. I reset it with a time server, and all was good. After swapping the hard drive again, it was off in the other direction, and so on and so forth. Apparently, one of them (either Windows or Linux) sets the system clock to GMT, and the other one sets it to something else. I have no idea why they would pick an arbitrary time zone, but there it is. It was funny to reset it in Linux and have it immediately activate the screen saver (inactivity for several hours and all).

I'm going to be heading back to the library today because I get a lot more work done there than here. My first foray was last Friday, and I acquainted myself with the layout.

Sadly, they don't have the stacks of technical journals that I had hoped for, but it's not bad for a public library. All of that sort of thing is available on the internet anyhow (old articles).

The one place where the library shines is in having books. If you want to pick up a book and read it in an hour without paying for it, it's a good resource. Plus, it's quiet. People don't bother you at the library, and it'll make it easy to work on whatever research you think you need to do.

I don't know why I was never into libraries, but I think I missed the window of when people get used to going to them because I was doing things outside.

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