Monday, October 16, 2006

Logitech late but not never!

So 8 days after the previous message to them (printed few posts ago), I received an e-mail from them.

Thank you for contacting Logitech Customer Support. You will find the
answer to your question below.

We will assume your issue has been resolved if we do not hear from you
within 120 hours. Note: This is for administrative purposes only. You
can re-open this incident at any time by replying to this email.

Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

You can update your question by simply replying to this email, but you
must enter your reply in the space specified below:

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Brief Summary
Harmony Remote software

Discussion Thread
Response (Mark S.) - 10/16/2006 06:23 AM
Dear Duke,

Thank you for your recent inquiry about your Harmony Remote

Thank you very much for your suggestions. I will forward these suggestions to that appropriate department. Your feedback means a lot to us because it provides us with an idea of how we can improve our product for the future. These are all very good suggestions and we take our email suggestions/feedback very seriously into consideration for future development. Again, thank you very much for the suggestions, we really do appreciated it.

If you would like further information and other tips on customizing your remote please visit the FAQ portion of your Harmony member website. To access, Click 'Support' then click 'FAQ' while logged in your harmony member page.

We hope that we were able to assist you in resolving this issue, however if you are still experiencing any difficulties with your Harmony Remote, please feel free to contact us again.


Harmony Technical Support

I took the liberty of boldfacing the part that got me laughing. I highly doubt that they'll be implementing any of my suggestions, such as:

So pretty please with sugar on top, de-hire every software person that you have who worked on this at any level (from the guy who thought that this sort of usage was a good idea, to the retard who did the implementation) and hire a random homeless guy to interview replacements. Fire the business guy who wanted logins and constant network activity to set up a remote control, and don't replace him. He's obviously not doing anything worthwhile.

Anyhow, at least they responded, and it's not like they could possibly do anything in even 8 days to make me happy. Hopefully at least a few employees got a laugh out of the initial letter.

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