Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sony VS Panasonic

A few months ago, my girlfriend was telling me how she really likes Panasonic consumer electronics, and I had always gone for the Sony products. When I was growing up, I think a lot of people had the idea that Sony made the best stuff.

Today I got to test one aspect of that idea, when I discovered 2 very old portable stereos in the garage. Think of them as small and crappy boom-boxen. One was a Panasonic FM15, which is older than the Sony CFD-50. The Sony has the ability to play CDs, and is from 1991. The Panasonic was made before CDs were made popular. It may have been before they were ever created, and I sadly haven't been able to locate (in 1 minute) when it was sold/bought by me. I think it's in the early to mid 80s.

So, we're dealing with a 15 year old Sony, and a Panasonic that is at least as old as that.

Performance testing showed that the Sony could tune radio stations just fine, play a cassette tape with a grinding noise, and not even spin CDs. The CD inoperation won't be counted against it, as the Panasonic can't be tested with that.

The Panasonic did fine on the radio station tuning test, and could play tapes as perfectly as it did in the past. No grinding at all.

After one contest, the score is: Sony 0, Panasonic 1.


Unknown said...

sample size/variance.

Brute Force said...

Ya, and what if your Sony boom box used batteries? Talk about a world of pain. Ha ha.

Unknown said...

sample size/variance