Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dream a little Dream

Near the tail end of the 4th quarter, I got the ball in the paint and went up to dunk. I was undercut by some sort of animal whose inability to play left him banging people all around. Obviously, no foul was called, but as I flipped backward I shot the ball anyhow. The shot was more like throwing the ball down than up, since I was completely inverted.

I managed to land just fine, and the ball went in. We won, and time shifted.

I was telling a buddy of mine that I was sure to be on Sportscenter after that play, and noticed a little plaque on his mantle that honored him for being the only player worthy of Sportscenter that week. The current week. I was astounded, since the clip they used was him screaming "it's raining buckets" from the bench, after which a few 3's were made.

After I got back to the gym, I noticed everyone huddled in the locker room, hiding from something. Manhattan was under water, and the cars were driving on newly created thoroughfares that were raised to about 200' above the new sea level.

The cyborg had a chainsaw for a right arm, reminding me of Army of Darkness, and I knew I had to get supplies to defeat it. Jumping on my motorcycle, I made my way to an abandoned gun shop, and returned with 20 shotguns and an ax. The water level was rising, so just staying on the road was difficult.

I knew that the plutonium was set to detonate, and we only had a few minutes to destroy the cyborg that was defending it. I handed out the shotguns to the volleyball team, and they began firing.

The cyborg didn't fall after the first volley, but the second onslaught brought it down. I ran at it with the ax, and started hacking away. It came at me again, as if it had healed from the earlier shots.

I ran back and the volleyball team shot again. And again. And I finally took the ax and decapitated the cyborg before it could repair itself. Even then it was trying, so I took the chainsaw and used it to destroy the head, cutting it into tiny pieces. That had less effect than I thought it would, as the cyborg didn't keep its brain where the host had. It was blind, but still able to swing and move.

Headless and sawless, it kept trying to fight. I fought it, and all the while the plutonium got closer to ignition.


Unknown said...

i think you need to start laying off the late night del taco trips.

Unknown said...

you should cut back on the late night del taco trips.