Monday, April 10, 2006

If I'm not back by Saturday

I'm probably rotting in a Mexican prison. I'll try to chronic-what?-cle my trip to Mazatlan on my Palm Pilot Vx - one piece of electronic equipment that I'm not worried about being stolen.

The other gamble is with my digital camera. That only cost a few hundred bucks, so if it's lost, then oh well. I hope to return with everything intact.

I've been made fun of many times for acting like I'm going to be dropped off in the middle of a war zone in a third world country, but I'm not too worried about this trip. Since I don't even need a passport, I should be A-OK.

It was recently suggested to me by my girlfriend that I try to get on Deal or No Deal. I think it might be fun, profitable, and I might even have a decent shot at getting on... but they want a 5 minute application tape. And they require that you sign a release that gives them the right to do anything they want with said tape and waives all of my own legal rights to privacy. So that's not going to happen. Too bad.

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