Wednesday, November 30, 2005

On Vinyl

Music: Rad Soundtrack - Break the Ice

I picked up a turntable yesterday from Fry's, since I have over 1000 LP's sitting in the garage. I mainly wanted to get something to test them out with, since after sitting in a Vegas garage for 5 years I thought they may have melted.

Well, they haven't, and I think I finally "get" why some people prefer the medium. The music has a completely different depth to it. There are small errors, dust particles produce cracking noises, you get like 30 minutes per side, and they're huge. I don't even know how to describe what's good about them.

My ears can tell, though, and I think for certain types of music these old vinyl discs are the way to go. Maybe they're the reason why people went insane back in the 60's. It's hard to imagine an mp3 changing anyone's life, but these things have a power that I have yet to fully appreciate.

I'd pay for vinyl. Maybe the recording industry should just go back to this if they want to save themselves. If you want the mp3, then fine, take it and copy it to your heart's content. If you want to hear it like this, then buy the record.

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