Monday, September 19, 2005


Music: Pearl Jam - Last Kiss

I managed to get through 28 years of life without ever reading this book. Given how I view the government, this may come as a surprise. In a way, I think I'm lucky to read it for the first time right now. I'm sure when it was published it was seen as a frightening future that would ultimately never happen unless the world did everything it could to make every possible mistake.

And I find myself replacing "Eurasians" with "Evildoers." I substitute the media's myopia and short-term memory for the blatant revisionist history. They screwed up the religion, but if you replace Jesusland with the complete dearth of it you find more common ground.

This book isn't the shocking warning to me that it must have been to the original readers. Instead, a few cosmetic changes and a title change to 2005 would make it a fairly accurate history of the present.

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