Wednesday, January 21, 2009

PS3 review

I wrote this up a while back, and wouldn't change anything so here it is.

After having had a PS3 for a whopping 4 days now, I figure I'm qualified to rant a little bit about the system.

The Good:

Clean clean picture
Solid Blu-Ray player
I can swap in my own larger HD if desired without it needing to be a specially branded one
They even give me a menu option to ease installation of a different OS, and I don't even have to imagine a beowulf cluster of them if I feel like setting one up

The Bad:

Placement of the "P" button (to bring up the system menu) was determined by a retard. Everyone that's played our system hits it by accident every 5-10 minutes (or more in SSF2HDREMIX), which is a huge pain in the ass.
Don't even bother with the Blu-Ray remote. I screwed up and bought it since it's only like $20 anyhow, but when it's going to be a one use device (can't even control a TV as far as I can tell) that one use device may as well be one of the controllers that need to be there anyhow.

The Meh:

If it detects a keyboard it would be neat if it were smart enough to allow merely tabbing between fields of data that you're trying to enter, instead of forcing an additional "enter" press to pull up the "put info into this field" interface.
LittleBigPlanet is entertaining, but it's annoying that the best parts of the game are the mini-game race things and not the game itself (which just ends up being monotonous).
Also in LBP there are little lag jumps at the beginning of some levels. Right after you go through the gate on the Skulldozer thing there's a little pause and then it corrects for the rest of the level. Put some more RAM in these machines or something (you're already losing money on them, gimme another gig or 2 of RAM) so that there doesn't have to be that sort of hiccup.

Anyhow, I have a Wii and the PS3 now, and one reason I never bought a 360 is that every single one I've played has been unusably loud. For reference, I can barely think right now because we're at my GF's sister's place and they have a fish tank bubbling or whatever it is that fish tanks do and it feels like someone is shattering glass. If I had guitar hero for the PS3 the Wii probably wouldn't get turned on again.

The other reason I never bought a 360 is the absurd failure rate and I'm not a fan of supporting manufacturers that sell such shoddy machinery.


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