Monday, August 04, 2008

Final Korea

I forgot that I was supposed to finish the Camp Grenada song. This piece is less inspired but I figured I should put it together for completeness' sake.

Enjoy! Recall that this is only the rest of the song after the original in the other post a few back.

I kept dodging
all the hookers
no massages
no good lookers
I ate expensive
They won't serve it unless you order it for two

Take me Home...
oh Andre Genna
take Me Home
I hate Korea
don't leave me
out here in Kang Nam
I might
take a peanut for a pear
Take me home
I promise I will not make sounds
in Vegas class
while playing around
in back of the class
Oh please don't make
me stay
I've been here for four whole days.

I've had enough
of bulgogi
and the pizza
with calamari
let me come home
Cindy misses me
she says she don't but I'll stick to my story.

Wait a minute
it stopped raining
no umbrellas
I'm just saying
time to go out
this is better
OK both of you can disregard this letter.

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