Thursday, July 03, 2008

Why do I hate the wii so much? Let me count the ways.

1. Virtual Console commitments make them prevent games like Guitar Hero from having their own downloadable content.

2. The controllers are neat as a gimmick for about 3 days, and then you realize that they're worthless pieces of crap when trying to actually play anything.

3. The graphics are terrible.

4. There isn't a single exclusive title worth buying. I own every candidate, and do not enjoy them in the least. The best game so far, in my opinion, was Excite Truck. At least that wasn't fatally flawed in any way.

5. Peripherals are at the same time more expensive than those for other consoles, and have less hardware in them. I think it's because the "stupid" demographic that uses pay as you go cell phones despite paying double found themselves with a lot of Wiis, and don't realize that it's fucking retarded to pay more for a controller that just uses your existing wiimote and gives it a shell than you would for an entire controller for another console.

6. The online playing options suck, but that's mainly because the games themselves suck.

7. You basically have to buy 19 extra controllers for a premium price every time you want to play a new game. Want to play Virtual Console games? You need to get the controller for that. Oh, it's $40? At least it's wireless. Wait, it's wireless because it plugs in as a fucking dongle into the wii mote itself.

8. After having a wii for almost a couple years, I find myself wondering why I have so much crap laying around to play zero fun games. It's this tendency to acquire crap with a wii that I hate above all.

So, fuck the Wii. I wish I'd bought a PS3. I will in a little while, but the wii was a total waste.


Anonymous said...

Wow after reading this makes me wonder y I hate my wii so much... haha jk no I have all 3 systems and the most fun I have is on the wii, sure u got the 360 with halo and other great games but idk u said there's no good games for the wii? Um zelda,mario,re4 just to name a few a piece of advice is if ur not gonna use the blue ray player on the ps3 there is no use on getting it cuz that's basicly the only thing I use it for, to me its the worst thing I spent money on, the only reason I play it is cuz of metal gear solid other than that I got all the other games on the 360 anyways the wii is a great system with some flaws on it but oh well its still beating both the 360 and ps3 in sales


Brian said...

Better sales do not mean better games. For example take a look at the number of records Brittany Spears sold vs the band Tool. I'm sure Brittany sold more records, but tool is infinitely more talented. I purchased Wii on launch day, and I own about 30 games. The trend seems to be this : Example – Okami 1) I buy the game 2) I try to play it, but the PS2 version seemed better 3) I wish I had traditional controls (done with the waggle) 4) I go play something that’s actually fun.

Wii sucks. I also wish I hadn’t bought it. It’s not for gamers, it’s for gamer’s moms.

Anonymous said...

Dude i have to agree, i HAD to get a wii becuz of my family and it really fucking sucks... if the graphics were better and the hardware maybe not so much but theres barely any good games and it gets boring. im pissed as hell right now becuz i cant get Resident Evil 5. man i also wish i would have gotten a ps3 or even a xbox360. wii is a piece a shit. Yea nintendo go make a "next generation console" that doesnt even have HD and has the same fucking graphics as the gamecube! FUCK THE WII!!! >:O

Anonymous said...

HAHA!! yes! someone said it! NO RESIDENT EVIL 5!!! WII is a piece of shit!!!

Anonymous said...

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