Monday, July 21, 2008

Safety first!

I just located a "Fire Escape Device" in my room. There are pictures in my Picasa Web Album of it in addition to some other pics I took while here.

One picture is of a woman pushing around a broom attached to a sort of scooter thing like old people ride on at supermarkets in the US. She was at the COEX. Some of my other pics were from random places downtown and random alleys.

It's about time to go find some dinner. I'll try yet another new random place. It's always entertaining to eat alone, as people don't seem to do that much here. I guess I could try to make friends, but it's gay to walk up to people and try to go out to eat with them immediately.

Tomorrow I'll be getting some dinner with some people from class.

Oh, I braved the subway back to the hotel today, and it was easier to do than I thought. I still had to make sure of my location and where I was headed on several occasions, but that's OK. I made it back fine and dandy.

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