Saturday, October 27, 2007

An iPhone commercial that should have been

So last night I went with Cindy to the Apple store at Century City to pick up free T-shirts. She thought that I was an idiot for thinking that there might be a crowd until we found the real line and had to go behind about 300 other people also waiting for their T-shirts (and Leopard).

A kid shows up behind us, and Cindy thought that he was about 9 years old. It turned out that he was 13, went to Beverly Hills High School, and was trying to get his mom to come over to buy him Leopard. This kid had a lot of friends that were showing up periodically, partly to say hello to the guy who showed up after him in line, "the guy from Mr. Deeds."

This all led to the most enjoyable queueing experience that I've ever had, between that kid and his endless stream of friends and Peter Gallagher being a genuinely nice guy (there with a buddy of his who I can't place). It ended with about 8 iPhones coming out of pockets and people showing off the ways that they either hacked or generally used the devices. The kid with a guitar hero clone was the star of the show.

Anyhow, Cindy mentioned that it should have been an iPhone commercial, so I described the visual: Start with a bunch of kids, and one of them says: "hey that's the guy in Mr. Deeds!" Someone else isn't convinced, so out come the iPhones headed to youtube. A video is found, and then they go over and say: "Hey, you're the guy from Mr. Deeds!" "Indeed I am!" "What are you doing here?" The camera pans into -his- iPhone screen where he's watching a Leopard ad, and it ends with him saying: "I'm here to pick up a free t-shirt. How'd you get those games on there?"

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