Sunday, September 16, 2007

Run hit Remix

So on Saturday September 15th someone decided to schedule one too many activities. We started the day off with a 5 mile run in Nike’s Run Hit Remix race in LA. This was a race with some has-been acts from the 80s and 90s playing along the way.

Naughty by nature was the best, in my opinion. Our pace was perfect because we got to hear both OPP and Hip Hop Hooray, the only 2 Naughty by Nature songs that I could recognize anyhow.

The Sugarhill Gang was also there, and they had some guy in possession of a silver wand. Think ‘Flava Flav without a clock,’ and you’ll be pretty close to what this guy was. I didn’t recognize their music, but I’m sure I just got unlucky with my pacing. I commented that “maybe it was Flava Flav after all” and was told that there is no way he’d be there without his clock. Of course, I thought. How would he know what time it was?

Sir Mix a Lot was pretty good too. He’s number 2 behind NBN for the acts along the course. The girl from En Vogue was forgettable, but obviously less forgettable than anyone i failed to mention.

So after running about 4.9 miles, the race funnels you through the tunnel into the Coliseum, and that was awesome. I’m not even a football fan, but thinking of the historical figures that have run through that tunnel made it a bigger deal to me than it was to a lot of other people (namely every woman in the race). It’s also neat to run out of the tunnel to be greeted by tens of thousands of cheering people. It would have been better if I won the race, but I’ll try to work on that for next year.

And after all of that, the final act took the stage, and it was Hammer time. He played a good set, did a good job, and I was happy with the entire event. I’d do it again next year despite hating running.

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