Saturday, May 05, 2007

Chart House on the Potomac

Today I had planned to make a trip up to the Smithsonian, but while driving up 395 I noticed that I had forgotten my camera. I wanted to snap some pictures, so that idea was shut down. Not wanting to waste the trip entirely, I decided to find a place to eat.

I came across an exit for "Duke Street," so I figured I should probably take it. I made a right, and started driving. Well, I saw some decent options for lunch, but nothing really jumped out at me. The surroundings started looking a bit residential, so I decided to turn around within a mile or so. But then I saw water.

I made a left and looked for parking. It was raining, but I really like water so I was intent on finding a place to park so I could watch the boats go back and forth for a bit. I had no idea where I was and street parking was completely occupied, so I ended up pulling into a parking structure. $5 for the first hour, and a $10 daily maximum. What a scam.

Anyhow, I parked, and started walking toward the water. There was a seafood place that I planned on hitting up after checking out the river, but the water took precedence.

I was lucky that it did, as I stumbled across a Chart House. The Chart House is a Landry's chain, and also happens to be my favorite chain restaurant in existence. I've been there around 10-15 times in various cities, and the food is always excellent. One thing I didn't expect was that they had lunch specials. Herb crusted salmon, some clam chowder, and a coke ran me about $25, which was great after expecting to pay about $50. It's typically a pricey place.

Anyhow, the bottom line is that I followed my name, ran into my favorite restaurant, and ended up getting to eat lunch on the Potomac in Alexandria. Tomorrow I'll hit up the Smithsonian, and I'm pretty happy that I forgot my camera today.

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