Thursday, September 14, 2006

Their milkshake really is better than mine.

Last night while driving home after a jog on the beach I got the idea to try a shake from Carls Jr. I never knew they had shakes, but this past week I've seen the commercial for them about 7 times. It plays that milkshake song and features 2 guys rubbing down some cows to "shake" them up.

We got an Oreo shake, since I hate Chocolate and Strawberry. She hates Vanilla (though I prefer that one to compare shakes, since it's a good baseline that everyone will have).

Anyhow, the shake kicked a lot of ass, and was superior to any other fast food milkshake that I've tasted. My girlfriend said that it was nice to be drawn in by a commercial, and actually be impressed with the product. I agreed.

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