Sunday, August 20, 2006

Thoughts on AJAX

So, in light of the current trends in web development, I decided to use AJAX for the interface to a project I'm working on. I'd never really done anything with HTML, Javascript, or CSS, so I thought that it would be entertaining to use all of them.

AJAX is just a way of using those things, along with either Servlets, JSPs, or whatever can generate some text responses for you to code up a page that won't force a full reload every time you want to give the user some more data. It's pretty slick as far as user interaction goes.

I discovered that while being faster than Swing to make yourself an interface, it's still much more of a hassle than going the cheap route and using typical form submits.

Since I'm learning this stuff, I'm basically tinkering with the possibilities that I can think of relative to my project. I haven't stumbled across anything that I really really hate about it yet, though I like the way "for x in a" works in python more than the way it does in Javascript. I don't want to iterate over the indexes to the array, I want it to iterate over the elements. Yes, I can directly use one to get the other, but it's just kinda silly.

Back to work, and listening to the TV that's behind me. I think I should move that, since having a television behind my head is pretty stupid. I may as well get a radio. Do they make cable radios? Just output the sound and discard the video?

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