Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I made the mistake of using an e-mail account I have to sign up for 2 things at the same time, and now I don't know which place leaked it. Either TypeKey or StatCounter let a spammer get my information, so now I need to implement my new password cipher for everything.

It was nice, having spam-free e-mail for a while. I suppose I'll let that account die now, and just use what is becoming my main one for everything moving forward.

Note that my 'main' account has gotten less spam in the past year than I got this morning on that 'secret' account that was spam-free. See, I only used the main account for online poker sites. I didn't care if it leaked, because I was planning on eventually throwing that account out. Alas, the poker sites seem to be far more honorable than a random internet company. I see why they're being criminalized.

It's actually too bad that I didn't go out of my way to create new e-mail accounts for everyone that I do business with. Then I would know who to be disgusted with. I already knew that the actual spammers were less than human, but I'm seeing the companies that leak the data as having an even higher douchebaggery quotient. They don't carry out the home invasions, they just tell the bad guys when your daughter is going to be home alone.

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