Monday, August 07, 2006


So my kitchen is full of knives. They come in various shapes and sizes, and are from multiple manufacturers. The Henckel block doesn't fit other knives, and standard knife blocks are slotted for knives of specific sizes.

Enter Kapoosh. It was the definition of an impulse-buy at Bed Bath and Beyond, and I'm really happy with it. It's a knife block that is made up of several thousand thin plastic rods, so you can put knives into it in any way that you deem necessary. I would guess that it can hold about 20 knives, and it doesn't matter what size they are.

Here's a link to a review of the knife at Gadgetscope (I never heard of this site either), so you can kinda see what it looks like (and read another review).

That review seems very positive, so I guess I'm not the only one who likes the Kapoosh!

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