Saturday, April 29, 2006


So tonight while tinkering some more with a couple little programs I'm putting together, I put on the Sci-Fi channel. They were showing Godzilla vs. Hedora.

I realized that I never understood Godzilla. Part of this has to do with the fact that the movies are so bad that I can never actually watch the whole things. As a child I used to read books and look up periodically during the absurd scenes of destruction or battle.

Anyhow, what's there to understand? Godzilla is big, apparently radioactive, and looks like a drunk guy in a T-Rex suit who can shoot fire or lightning out of his mouth. He fights other big monsters. He keeps builders employed in Japan.

But is he a good guy? Is he defending Japan? Is he saving people from a worse fate than his own destruction of the city? Is it a lesser of 2 evils thing, as in they know what they get from Godzilla, and Mothra would mess them up even more? Do we even want Godzilla to win? I never really knew the answers to any of these questions. But I felt the urge to fill that gap in my knowledge.
After some careful online research I discovered that Godzilla started out as a monster that would destroy Japan, and the army would have to figure out how to stop him. Eventually he evolved into a hero from a villain, and we get to watch him destroy other monsters.

That's too much rambling on Godzilla. I'll conclude with two observations that are unarguably correct:

1. My idea of Godzilla being a necessary protector that bites back periodically is better than this villain -> hero metamorphosis.

2. I could make a better movie with my niece's artwork and this laptop.

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