Monday, December 26, 2005


Being a hater of Microsoft products, I go out of my way to use other options to their software, and have been using Thunderbird as an e-mail client for a long time. Until today.

Outlook Express allows you to set distinct SMTP servers to use with each account, and Thunderbird does not. This is bad because I use gmail, would like to use their servers and pop access, and like the fact that I can use their SMTP servers from anywhere. The bad part is that if you have 2 gmail accounts, you cannot send a message from one using the login for the other, or from a non-gmail account.

So with Thunderbird, I'm forced into using a server from my cable company for everything, and to switch that whenever I go on vacation. I'm depressed because I hate Outlook Express for other reasons (I managed to uninstall messenger), but that SMTP issue was enough to get me back on the Microsoft bandwagon.

Before I know it I'll be using everything from Microsoft because of trivialities like this. To that I say boo.

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