Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Forgettable Alamo

I don't watch college football much, but tonight a buddy of mine was trying to listen to the Michigan bowl game from the Philippines. I put it on my computer to give him updates while his audio stream was screwing up.

So there are 2 seconds left, Michigan is down by 4, and they start with a pass to several laterals. 8 lateral passes later, there is a fumble. But the play isn't dead... it's a fumble. Michigan recovers, but 50 (or whatever) Nebraska players rush the field. MI is forced to readjust their play, there is no whistle, and they finally get tackled at the 15 yard line. Game over.

Not one whistle, no nothing. The refs just ran out of the stadium. The entire game was apparently called poorly (though I only saw the tail end of their inept job), so I understand their swift exit.

How can 50 players run out onto a field during a live play with no whistle? Only the refs can tell you. Huzzah Alamo Bowl.

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